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DUI Lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA

A DUI arrest can happen to almost anyone. All it takes is one drink too many, one questionable decision, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you face charges for driving under the influence in northern Virginia you need an experienced criminal defense attorney working to make the prosecution prove your guilt beyond all doubt.

At Buczek Carpenter, our Fredericksburg, VA DUI lawyers combine for more than 20 years of defense experience in criminal courts. They will work quickly to limit your exposure to the criminal and civil consequences associated with DUI offenses.

What You Are Facing: Virginia DUI Penalties

The penalties for Fredricksburg  DUIs in Virginia are severe, and prosecutors would love nothing more than to make an example out of you. Penalties include the following, in order of offense:

  • Driver’s license revocation of 12 months and fines starting at $250 for a first time offense
  • Driver’s license revocation of three years, fines starting at $500, and jail time for a second offense
  • Indefinite driver’s license revocation, at least 90 days in jail, fines of at least $1,000 and a felony record for a third offense.

Additional penalties and conditions include the requirement to install an ignition interlock device on all of your vehicles after a first offense, the loss of your car for a sixth offense, and the collateral consequences that come with having a DUI on you record. 

Possible DUI Defenses

It is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt using admissible evidence. Possible defenses against DUI charges include:

  • The underlying traffic stop lacked probable cause
  • The search of your vehicle violated your constitutional rights
  • The breath tester was not properly calibrated

We will leave no stone unturned in making sure that law enforcement officers followed all proper procedures before, during and after your arrest. If evidence was obtained in violation of your rights, we will fight to have that evidence thrown out. Whether we can negotiate a plea agreement or going to trial is necessary, we will push for the best possible outcome every step of the way.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

The only way to avoid the harsh penalties associated with DUI is to avoid a conviction in the first place. Contact our law firm today for a consultation with a Fredericksburg DUI attorney and we’ll get to work building your defense.

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