What Counts as “Income” for Child Support?

Child support ensures that your kids’ basic needs are met and that both parents contribute financially to the children’s upbringing. But how does the Court even determine where this amount comes from? First, it has to figure out how much “income” the parents have. The Many Sources of Income When someone asks you, “What is […]

Divorce and Animals: Who Gets the Pet?

Pets are part of your family, so what might happen to them in your divorce? Will a judge order shared custody or set a visitation schedule as they might with your human children? This is a very common and real issue that divorcing couples face because according to the 2019-2020 “National Pet Owners Survey conducted […]

Preparing for Your Meeting with Your Divorce Attorney – Focus: Finances.

You find yourself in a position where you have decided to move forward with a divorce or just want to talk with an attorney to figure out what you can do now to prepare yourself if your spouse files or you decide to file down the line. There are things you can discuss with an attorney now, […]

Using Alcohol to Cope with Divorce

It is sad but not uncommon for a divorce to cause someone to begin drinking. Unfortunately, people often use alcohol to cope with life’s most challenging battles, including divorce. Although, there are other ways to cope, which are much healthier. Click here to learn about them. https://riahealth.com/blog/drinking-after-divorce/

Silence: The Common Link Between Criminal and Family Law

If you have watched any television in the last four decades, you are familiar with the concept of having the right to remain silent. These “Miranda” rights are a crucial component of our criminal justice system and protections for the accused. You may be less familiar with the importance of remaining silent before, during, and […]