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Answers for Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

At Buczek Carpenter we know that every divorce is different due to the unique people and circumstances involved in each case. We also know that having knowledge can provide peace of mind as you face the uncertainty of divorce. With that in mind, continue reading for answers to some of the most common questions we receive about divorce.

Are Grounds for Divorce Required in Virginia?

Yes, it is required that grounds for divorce exist in order to get a divorce in Virginia. Possible grounds include adultery, felony, cruelty, and desertion. It is also possible to file for a “no-fault” divorce after being separated.

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What is No-Fault Divorce?

This is a divorce that takes place after a married couple has lived apart for more than a year – apart means separate homes, not just moving down the hall or downstairs. For couples without children, it may be possible to file for no-fault divorce after six months. A fault divorce, on the other hand, is a divorce based on grounds such as adultery, felony, cruelty, willful desertion, or abandonment.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

First of all, there is a waiting period of two to three months for an uncontested divorce and up to 18 months for a contested divorce. The exact timeline will depend on whether a spouse files for an appeal and how long it takes to resolve disagreements over issues like child custody, child support, and division of marital property.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce is closely tied to the timeline of a divorce. In general, contested divorces take longer and generate more legal fees. The time and cost are two of the best reasons for pursuing an uncontested divorce when possible, in addition to reducing acrimony. A divorce resolved via mediation will also typically cost less than a divorce resolved via litigation.

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