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Protecting the Interests of Parents and Children in Virginia

Nothing is more important to parents than their children. The thought of not being with them is excruciating. This fact is at the core of why custody cases often become heated and lead to intractable differences.

At Buczek Carpenter, we work to help northern Virginia parents find custody solutions that respect their parental rights while achieving a result that is in the best interest of the children.

Child Support

Calculating child support is a garbage in=garbage out equation. It is crucial to make sure that the numbers going into the support formula are complete and accurately reflect the situation of all parties involved. We work with experts such as accountants to uncover hidden income and ensure that children get the full support they need to thrive when their parents are not together.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Children deserve to have a strong relationship with both of their parents and good parents deserve to play a major role in the lives of their children.

In Virginia, legal custody covers the right to make parental decisions about a child’s schooling, religious upbringing, and medical care. Physical custody covers the parenting schedule and things like the number of overnight visits, holiday schedules, and vacation schedules.

Wherever possible, we work to amicably resolve issues through negotiation rather than wasting time and money on litigation. We have experience resolving all custody-related issues, including the creation of parenting schedules that provide stability for children and cover things like holidays and vacations.

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