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Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney Serving Stafford County, VA

Facing a legal challenge, such as criminal charges or a family law dispute, can significantly disrupt your life. A criminal conviction can mean the loss of your freedom and reputation, while a divorce or child custody dispute can permanently alter your family dynamics.

Hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process can give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome for your case. Let the team at Buczek Carpenter PC help you stand up for your rights and interests. Contact us today for a free initial case evaluation. We can discuss how our attorneys will assist you with pursuing the best possible resolution to your criminal or family law matter.

Why Choose Buczek Carpenter PC?

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a family law or criminal matter may be one of the most important decisions you make in your case. For years, individuals and families in Stafford County, VA, have trusted the lawyers of Buczek Carpenter PC for legal guidance in criminal and domestic relations cases because:

  • Our client service: Our attorneys give each client the attention and advocacy they deserve during challenging times. We understand the importance of your case and act accordingly to protect your interests. Our firm will take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, concerns, and goals, answer your questions, and provide you with the insight and advice you need to make informed decisions at each stage of your case.
  • Our experience: Our lawyers have over 20 years of collective experience with extensive professional backgrounds in criminal and family law, including serving in prosecutors’ and public defenders’ offices and as court-appointed guardians ad litem in domestic relations matters.
  • Our resources: You can trust that our attorneys have the resources and skills needed to tackle simple and complex cases.

Family Law Matters We Handle

At Buczek Carpenter PC, our legal team of compassionate family law attorneys helps clients and families navigate challenges in various legal matters, such as:

  • Pre/post-nuptial agreements: Our firm can help you negotiate prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements that protect your interests in the unfortunate event of a divorce.
  • Divorce: Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients navigate both standard and complex divorces in Virginia, including in matters such as property division, alimony, and child custody/support.
  • Child custody: When you and your child’s other parent have separated or divorced, we can help you protect your relationship with your child and your child’s best interests.
  • Child support: Our firm will fight to ensure your child gets the financial support they deserve from their parents.
  • Adoption: Our legal team can guide you and your family through the complexities of the adoption process, including kinship, agency, and private adoptions.
  • Visitation: We help parents and grandparents secure visitation rights that preserve bonds with children.
  • Protective orders: When you’ve become the victim of domestic violence or after you’ve been accused of committing domestic violence, our firm can advocate for your rights and interests in protective order hearings.
  • Spousal support or alimony: We assist divorcing couples with resolving disputes over spousal support during and after divorce.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Clients Fight a Variety of Charges

The criminal defense lawyers of Buczek Carpenter PC represent people facing all kinds of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in Stafford County. Let us help you protect your rights, reputation, and future after getting charged with:

  • Traffic offenses: Our firm assists clients with resolving traffic tickets and more severe traffic crimes like reckless driving.
  • DUI: After getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, let our firm fight to protect your reputation and freedom.
  • Assault and battery: We represent clients charged with misdemeanor and felony assault and battery offenses.
  • Domestic violence: Our attorneys’ extensive experience in both criminal and family law enables us to advocate for clients charged with domestic violence offenses.
  • Drug offenses: Our firm can help you after getting arrested and charged with misdemeanor or felony drug crimes.
  • White-collar crimes: We represent clients facing white-collar crimes like embezzlement, money laundering, forgery, and identity theft.
  • Disorderly conduct: In Virginia, disorderly conduct involves intentionally or recklessly causing public inconvenience, annoyance, or harm.
  • Juvenile crimes: We represent minors facing delinquency or criminal proceedings.
  • Firearms charges: Our firm can help you face weapons charges under Virginia law.

Our Attorneys

The legal team at Buczek Carpenter PC includes dedicated, experienced attorneys ready to pursue favorable resolutions for clients in legal matters:

Elizabeth Carpenter-Hughes

Managing partner Elizabeth Carpenter-Hughes provides passionate legal advocacy for clients, working hard to resolve issues in the most favorable way possible and helping clients achieve optimal outcomes. Ms. Carpenter-Hughes represents clients in various family law matters, including divorce, child custody and visitation, adoption, and spousal support. She has also become qualified to serve as a court-appointed guardian ad litem for children and adults.

Nathanael Buczek

Managing partner Nathanael Buczek represents clients in criminal and family law matters. Mr. Buczek previously served as a practicing law student in the prosecutor’s office for Toledo, Ohio, and Stafford County, VA. In private practice, Mr. Buczek represents criminal defendants in cases involving traffic offenses, DUI, assault and battery, drug crimes, and more. Mr. Buczek also practices divorce and custody/cases, as well as trusts and estate work.

Kathryn L. Ashley

Associate attorney Kathryn L. Ashley serves clients in family law and criminal matters in Stafford County. Her educational and professional background spans three continents and includes roles in the government and private sectors. She appears in courts in Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, and Fredericksburg. Ms. Ashley also speaks Spanish to serve our Spanish-speaking clients.

Kaitlyn Danielle Peters

Associate attorney Kaitlyn Danielle Peters represents clients in criminal defense and family law matters in Stafford County. In law school, she served in a legal clinic where she developed an interest in and experience with family law matters, including child custody and domestic violence. Ms. Peters also has professional experience with the Fredericksburg Public Defender’s Office, where she gained a passion for fighting for the rights and interests of people accused of drug offenses and violent felonies.

How Can a Lawyer Help You with Your Legal Matter?

Legal matters such as criminal charges or a family dispute can seem challenging and stressful. Hiring a seasoned criminal defense or family law attorney can give you peace of mind, knowing you have an advocate fighting for you. When you turn to the legal team at Buczek Carpenter PC for help with your criminal or domestic relations case, you can expect our team to pursue your goals and protect your interests by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your matter to recover the evidence we need to craft compelling legal arguments in support of your rights
  • Evaluating your legal options and providing honest assessments regarding the potential outcomes in your case
  • Helping you understand what to expect at each stage of the legal process and advising you as you make decisions at each step
  • Communicating with opposing parties and counsel on your behalf to take the burden of those conversations off your shoulders
  • Vigorously pursuing the best possible resolution to your legal matter, including advocating on your behalf in court when necessary

Contact a Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney from Buczek Carpenter PC Today

When you have a criminal case or a family law matter in Stafford County, VA, you need experienced legal counsel to guide you through pursuing a favorable resolution to your case. Contact Buczek Carpenter PC today for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can talk with a dedicated, knowledgeable attorney to discuss your legal options and learn how we can help you protect your rights, interests, and future.